is a young company, which was founded in 2012 which the focus on offering and providing project management, cost management and quality control of contruction projects of the highest standard. We offer these services to local and foreign investors and developers as well as tenants and end users. Our team is made up of qualified, specialists with many years´experience in the building industry, enabling us to provide our clients with complete and expert services of the highest quality.

Project Management

Our Project Management is a system of activities that we perform to secure correct preparation and execution of the project. Among these activities are included particularly actions to obtain zoning decision or building permit, alternatively, after discussion with client, coordination of all the project, arrangement of communication among designer, client and authorities.

Investors Technical

Supervision Quality control of the construction process including technical supervision of all testing and final commisioning. Our technical supervision ensures the optimum balance between quality and price for contruction delivery.

Cost Management

Estimates and control of construction costs from the initial concept phase of investment, up to completion and handover of the project.